SAMBER is currently closed until January 2021 due to safety concerns surrounding Covid-19, as per RDA Guidelines based on Government regulations.  Current concerns include underlying health conditions of both our riders and our volunteers as well as the close contact we need to have with our riders to ensure their safety.  We will constantly monitor the situation and post any updates here.


Please help our Riding School!

Whilst Samber may be closed, LGB Equestrian, the riding school where we are based, is open but really struggling.  They have been ineligible for Government help, so had no income over the summer when the stables was closed, despite having hungry – and sometimes very poorly – ponies.  Gayle and her family have been shielding but were then forced to reopen due to financial concerns.  We are desperate to help keep the stables running, to keep all the horses and ponies fit and well (especially those that we use for RDA!) so that we can return as soon as it is safe for our riders and volunteers to do so.


We appreciate this has been a really tough time emotionally and financially for everyone, but if you are in a position to help, please consider supporting the riding school and all the ponies there, by clicking on the link below.  This money will go towards paying off the huge vets bills, feed bills, farrier bills, rent and insurance etc that all still needed paying whilst there was no money coming in during lockdown.  Thank you and stay safe!  
Click here for the GoFundMe page to help LGB Equestrian and all the horses and ponies at the riding school.