Previously SAMBER RDA was based at Langshot Equestrian Centre and we are extremely grateful to Lucy and Lee for everything they have done for us.  But when their riding school closed and the yard became livery only it became increasingly difficult to source the number of ponies we needed. So over the Easter holidays in 2016 we moved to Higher Park Farm, also in Chobham!  


Like Langshot, Higher Park Farm also has a large indoor ménage allowing undercover yet stimulating agility and co-ordination games even when the weather is being typically British!




In 2017, Higher Park Farm refurbished their outdoor school too, so we also have a wonderful arena we can use when the weather is fine!  This has been especially useful for our riders with severe autism who seem to relax as soon as we take them outside.  All they can hear is birdsong and the wind rustling in the trees – great therapy for us all!