Since we returned from Covid, Pandora Certificates were awarded to three individuals!

No stranger to awards, Harrison is always quick to learn – but has surpassed himself by earning two Pandora Awards on top of his Grade 1 achievements!  Some days even our regular riders surprise you, listening attentively to every instruction and using both arms to reach for objects, even when we know how difficult this can be!  Congratulations Harrison – 5 stars for listening and 5 stars for effort!  You can find more outstanding efforts from Harrison on our
Achievements Page


Then in November 2021, this new rider from the Freemantles school, who has severe autism and no language was awarded the Pandora Award for his outstanding effort.  When he finally understood that sitting upright was the best position for him and his pony, it was a real



Later in the term we had this young lady from the Hermitage School.  Initially she was terrified of horses and didn’t want to be in the same arena as one.  Each week she made a little more progress, slowly overcoming her fears, enabling her to finally stroke, groom and even lead a pony.










The Origins of the Pandora Award

In memory of our late beloved pony, Pandora, we have created the Pandora Award to recognise our riders’ outstanding achievements.


Pandora was a wonderful SAMBER pony for many years.  She taught hundreds of children how to ride and was one of those really special ponies who could always sense if a child needed extra care.  Even when she could no longer be ridden in her later years, her calm and gentle nature meant that children with special needs could learn to connect with her, they could lead and groom her, taking rugs on and off, developing their fine and gross motor skills, language, focus and self-confidence.


At 30 she was awarded the RDA Long-Service Award and officially retired when we moved premises.  Sadly just over a year later, she passed away peacefully at the grand old age of 31.


Since she was such a special pony it feels only right that we honour her memory with the newly created Pandora Award.  Whether it’s helping others, waiting patiently or showing exemplary behaviour – if a child goes above and beyond in their attitude and approach to their riding session they can now be awarded the Pandora Award certificate and rosette.  


Click here for more Pictures of Pandora