SAMBER is incredibly lucky to have moved to Higher Park Farm, where LGB Equestrian is allowing us the use of a wide range of horses and ponies each week, meaning that we’ve been able to help a larger number of children than ever before.  Here are some of our regulars:




Indy is such a pretty mare and a great weight-carrying cob.  She’s still a youngster but her owners have done wonderful work with her, transforming her into a lovely relaxed ride and she makes a great RDA horse.






Dotty is a wonderful mare. Being tall at 15hh, she has a long stride and is extremely calm and gentle.








Monkey is a fantastic weight-carrying mare.  When previously on enforced box-rest due to injury, her owners cleverly used the time to gently expose her to a variety of potentially ‘spooky’ materials.  She is now so laid back and doesn’t bat her eyelid at any of our strange equipment, making her an ideal RDA pony. 




Soldier is the only gelding (male) pony in the group and is wonderfully calm with a stunning mane, tail and feathers.  A bit shorter than Indy but still a good weight carrier – and being completely unfazed by anything is great at helping any unsettled, loud or nervous riders.





Star is 14.1hh and being slightly older than some at 18+ years she’s seen and done it all.  She’s one of those horses that seems to prefer people to other horses, so loves being fussed by our RDA children.