SAMBER has now re-opened following closure since March 2020.  We opened to the schools in September 2021 following extensive training for volunteers and new ponies, various Covid mitigations and a lengthy Covid Risk Assessment which was signed off by RDA National Office. 


Some of our riders (and volunteers) are clinically or extremely clinically vulnerable, and our youngest riders remain too young to be vaccinated.  However, our volunteers have now been double-vaccinated, with many receiving regular boosters.  Thankfully there is lots of air circulating even in the indoor school as the doors are always open.  Following the schools’ lead, we no longer wear masks in our sessions although we may choose to in crowded areas like the entrance to the indoor school or at ‘pinch points’ eg when mounting/dismounting, where a lot of people are in a very small space.  We would ask that anyone watching the session in an enclosed area to please respect social distancing and wear a mask if requested by the group.  We also ask that everyone sanitise their hands before and after each session. 


We will constantly monitor the situation, post any updates here and reserve the right to re-introduce mitigating factors at any time.  Our priority remains the safety of our riders and volunteers. 


Anyone with a positive LFT result – or symptoms – should not attend.  If anyone tests positive within 48 hours of attending the session they should let the group know immediately.