Without our ponies, we just couldn’t function as an RDA Group.  They (like us!) are getting older and so it’s even more important to look after them and keep them as fit, healthy and supple as we can.  After all, some of our riders can intially be very unbalanced which could cause discomfort to the pony’s back and joints, so in order to best look after the riders, we need to look after these incredibly important ponies too!  Romeo had received a therapeutic session a couple of weeks before, so on 17th April 2024, our remaining stalwarts all received a lovely physiotherapy and massage session from Maddie Hewitt Veterinary Physiotherapy.  Using her new Hofmag machine, a Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy Unit (PEMFT), this stimulates the cell membranes encouraging them to stretch and relax with each pulse leading to increased function and accelerated healing at a cellular level.  As you can see from the pictures and the looks on their faces, Monkey, Marmite, Leah, Star and April all had a wonderful and very relaxing time – it looks like Maddie definitely hit the right spot!  Maddie has written up some notes on each pony so we can be mindful of how we work with them and look to have further treatment if required.