Congratulations to our Samber Team who took part in the Woking Rotary Club Swimathon on 10th October 2021.  Our team consisted of Samber volunteers Nikki Dumbreck and Sue Reeve, Sue’s daughter Ellie, plus Sam and Emily Tuck (our Treasurer’s daughter and granddaughter).  The Team completed 101 lengths in 55 minutes! 


Even though SAMBER didn’t directly benefit this year, it was important to support this great fundrasising event, especially as 2021 was run to cover all the charities who lost out in 2020 due to Covid.  Here at SAMBER we know all too well how crippling Covid has been to our own fundraising activities so we were determined to help out where we could.  After all, as the RDA motto goes, it’s what you CAN do that counts.